18 VR gadgets that will rock the future tech world by bringing revolutionary change (infographic)

The world of technology is moving very fast. May be after 5 years you will see a tech gadgets that non though of inventing right now. New idea development and experiments are going on every single day.
One new addition of this tech world is VR or Virtual Reality which change the way people consume media files and get entertained.
This post is to introduce you with 18 best VR gadgets that will surely bring revolutionary changes in the future tech world. Let's have a look....

iPhone 6 bending test that gone wrong because of extreme pressure (with Video)

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the most innovative tech gadget right now that you can buy. But how strong is
iPhone 6 or 6 plus?? Do you know about the strength of it's aluminium body? If not, then you are on right place to know that. Before watching this video let me tell you one thing. Don't try to do such bending experiment in your home because it's risky and costly.

If you are highly interested and brave enough to take the risk then try this iPhone gift card offer to buy a new iPhone 6 for your to complete this bending test.
Let's watch the destructive show...

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